How it works

Our goal is to ensure that every meal, for all our users, is a great experience. The process is quite simple really, all you have to do is search for a brunch you like, create an event, invite your friends and then let them confirm their attendance by selecting their preferred package and confirming their seat by completing their booking. Or if you're feeling generous simply book and pay for all the seats at once.


What is Create an Event?


Let’s Create An Event


Whether it be for that special occasion or simply because it's been too long since you sat round a table with good friends and great food, InBrunch is here to make creating your next event easier.


The pressure’s off


InBrunch helps arrange your occasion saving you time and taking the pressure off! We share all of the details of the event with your guests, from the date/time and location to the details of the packages available. We’ll provide you with a full list of everyone attending in your personal dashboard, you can even select a few trusted friends to do the inviting for you!




- Choose the restaurant  

- Purchase your seat(s)

- Invite those lucky friends via Email or Facebook directly from InBrunch

- InBrunch receives your guests payment directly and adds them to your table